Responsible employers are always looking for ways to provide staff benefits to their employees. If you are working for one of the local employers listed in this section or are a serving member of the Ministry of Defence, we are pleased to inform you that your employer has agreed to work with LMCU and to offer credit union financial services as a staff benefit. This means once you receive your payslip, the chosen amount would have already been deducted and passed on to the credit union, before your salary hits your bank account.


Staff can take advantage of making very small to large savings done directly through payroll and by creating a savings account with us, staff can get access to larger loans and flexible savings, as we know your contribution is guaranteed every month. This will allow us to build a long term relationship with you. Should you leave your employment whilst being a member of LMCU, you can continue to maintain your account with us and use other ways to continue saving into the account.


Our partnership with different types of employers ensures coverage across all sectors, industry types and socio-economic levels. There is no direct cost to any of the employers and by supporting payroll deduction arrangement; employers demonstrate care for the employees’ financial resilience and awareness. Click here to see the list of organisations providing this benefit.


The Ministry of Defence has selected the London Mutual Credit Union to provide credit union services to its entire staff. If you are a serving member of the British Armed Forces, receiving a pension as a result of being employed as a member of the British Armed Forces or a serving member of the Reserves, you are eligible to qualify. Read more here for details of this exclusive benefit.

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